Gaslight Batman Champion Profile

The next champion profile on the backlog is Gaslight Batman. Gaslight Batman is also the very first Marksman champion to have a profile done. For the most part, Gaslight Batman seems incredibly utility based. He has a range advantage on other champions, but his damage is mixed. In example, his passive makes his autoattacks track where enemies go and reduces their armor, and his Sonic Batarang does attack damage and helps him clear AoE. Additionally, having his passive on a target will enhance Sonic Batarang’s damage. However, his other 3 skills all do super power / magic damage. Additionally, of his 3 other skills, only his ultimate, Bat Scream, will have its damage enhanced by his passive.

With his Sonic Shell being a slow and his Bat Flight allowing him to travel across distances, he has great built-in kiting capability. Some players might think you should build for power damage since 3 of his skills do that type of damage. However, if you watch the video, his Bat Flight actually has an incredibly long cooldown, as does Bat Scream, making Sonic Shell his lowest cooldown for power damage. Regardless of 3 of his skills being power damage, he is definitely an attack damage character.

In terms of new stolen powers and items, the profile video didn’t have much for us. The Twin Vampiric Cleaver, one of the items recommended for him, was an attack damage and lifesteal item that would help any Marksman do DPS and sustain themselves in a fight. The other item it showed was Tracker’s Gambit, which gives some attack speed and cooldown reduction. Having cooldown reduction will without a doubt contribute to his utility.